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Different Applications Between Video Camera And Webcam
Author: Tenveo Release time: 2020-01-09

PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) are considered to be the most viable option for video conferencing in conference rooms and in cases where high image quality is required in any condition. These cameras do not compress the image and transmit it to the capture card or a video conferencing terminal without any delay. They also feature rotary device that allows you to aim the camera in the direction of the speaker during a video conference. The only disadvantage of PTZ cameras is their high cost, but it is justified if you take their versatility into account. Virtually all PTZ cameras can be controlled by remote control or with a special control panel with a joystick. PTZ cameras can save certain pre-programmed positions and focus on them in a fraction of a second, or automatically zoom on the speaking person by means of directional microphones.

Usb Ptz Camera (8)

Usb Ptz Camera (12)

Webcams are devices whose primary function is to capture an image in real time and transmit it over the Internet. Such camera may connected via the USB-port of a computer or already integrated into its case. Suitable for personal video conferencing. The main advantage of web cameras is their low cost, small size and the pre-digitized signal at the output. However, in contrast to the PTZ cameras, web camera digitizes and compresses the image, which is why there is a slight delay in recording and transmitting a video signal. Video coding artifacts may also be observed.


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