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The Convenient,reliable And Low-carbon Video Conerence Camera
Author: Tenveo Release time: 2020-01-03

The convenient, safe, reliable and low-carbon environmental protection of video conferencing has been recognized by all walks of life. The application of video conferencing has brought especially important conveniences for enterprise management office meetings, visual emergency command, training, etc. Image, document presentation, collaboration Online interaction such as browsing and desktop sharing enables the company to upload visual interactive communication, which also saves the company's meeting expenses, strengthens the management of the enterprise, reduces the communication cost, realizes efficient operation, and green office.

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The use of video conferencing has become a popular trend, and what points should users pay attention to when choosing a video conferencing system?

First, the system is stable, safe and reliable operation

The video system is a very real-time system, and there is a high degree of confidentiality when transmitting information. Therefore, when organizing a conference, the system is stable, safe, and reliable to operate as the most basic requirement.

Second, excellent product quality

There are two factors that affect the participants' interest and concentration: one is the degree of environmental infection to human vision, the environment can stimulate the inner feelings of the participants, or the speech has passion, or the enthusiasm is heard; the other is the voice pair The degree of attraction of people and the good sound quality can improve the attention of the participants, and let the participants speak seriously and listen carefully. Therefore, the quality of high-definition and smooth audio and video conferencing products must be high.

Third, rich data collaboration capabilities

Video conferencing should have strong data interaction capabilities in addition to audio and video communication. It can realize various data functions such as desktop sharing, document sharing, web page co-browsing, program sharing, electronic whiteboard, file transfer, and text chat.

Fourth, network adaptability

The video conferencing system is designed for the needs of long-distance space, so the conditions of data communication determine the working condition of the video system. On the one hand, the voice quality is excellent, the audio is absolutely continuous, the image is clear, there is no mosaic and abnormal phenomenon; on the other hand, the video and audio data packets are not too large, and the data should be transmitted in real time. This is a contradictory and unified relationship to the video system. A high standard was put forward.

Five, compatibility

The video conferencing system needs to have good compatibility. In addition to the compatibility and product confidentiality of its own version upgrade, it also needs the ability to interconnect with the audio and video signals of other brand products.

Six, perfect conference management function

The video conferencing system is a shared platform. It must be a meeting tool that allows users to get started in a few minutes, not just a system for professional technicians. Therefore, the system is easy to use and is the direction of product development. At the same time, the system also has comprehensive management functions, which can not only manage the conference and data in the foreground, but also manage and monitor the data traffic of the conference and network held in the background, so that it can be regarded as a good video conference product.

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